Meet our Bhutan Team.

Our Bhutan trekking and cultural guides are from different regions of Bhutan, each with their own expertise and skills. They are competent at leading groups through the remote mountains, as well as facilitating unique and memorable cultural experiences for every Mountain Kora group.



Sonam Chophel is one of our senior guides. Upon receiving his Bachelor of Science degree from Sherubtse College in Kanglung (East Bhutan), he went on to work as a research assistant. He is well-equipped to explain and interpret local traditions, as well as identify flora and fauna to guests. He is a multi-talented young man with a genuine and honest character. His upbeat and outgoing personality is perfect for all groups, including families. He is very capable when it comes to ad-hoc itinerary changes and networking with all sorts of people. In his free time, he enjoys village life, Buddhism, hiking, trekking, and mountain biking. 


Jamyang Thinley was born in Yadhi (Mongar) a remote region in eastern Bhutan. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography and Economics from Sherubtse College in Kanglung (east Bhutan). During his studies he worked as a research fellow and explored many places throughout the east, learning in depthly about the local culture, history, agricultural practices and contemporary challenges faced by farmers. Upon completion of his studies he became a guide to share his love for travel and learning more about the unique culture and history of his home country. Jamyang enjoys meeting new people, basketball, movies, reading and hiking. He is a charming young man who will go out of his way to make your days in Bhutan memorable!



Hailing from East Bhutan, Jamyang Lekshey is a certified cultural and trekking guide and self-proclaimed unofficial ambassador of Bhutan. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism and History with a minor in Journalism from Bangalore University. Lekshey has led trekking expeditions to Jumolhari, Laya, Gasa and the Thousand Lakes Trek to name a few. He also volunteered as a guide during the UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization) conference held in 2019 in Bhutan.

When he’s not trekking with guests around the country, he occupies his time with reading historical literature, traveling, bird-watching and pursuing physically engaging outdoor activities like biking and hiking. He hopes to further the country and its people by actively contributing to the preservation and promotion of Bhutan’s culture – a key pillar of our nation’s happiness.

Lekshey seeks to merge his passion and experience as a trekking guide with his academic background in  culture, history, and traditional folklore to provide a mutually enjoyable, meaningful and authentic experience for the visitors of Bhutan.


Karma Choden was born in a remote village enroute to the secluded Haa valley in western Bhutan. With a degree in commercial accounting, Karma worked for a private company before training as a cultural tour guide. She loves to interact with different people and share her insights into the local traditions and the culture of Bhutan. Karma grew up on a family farm and  is thus very knowledgeable about village livelihoods, local rituals and hospitality practices. She is well aware of the many hardships and responsibilities rural Bhutanese face in daily life, especially women. In her free time, Karma enjoys traveling, hiking, photography, music and reading. Karma is a lovely and pleasant travel companion.



Ngawang Tenzin is thoughtful, considerate and a natural leader. He was born and raised in Thimphu, however his family originally hails from Bumthang, the spiritual heartland of Bhutan. His great passion is being active  outdoors and exploring new places in the wilderness of his homeland. He is a solid trekking guide, with competency in navigating groups through the remote, mountainous regions of his country. Ngawang's amicable nature and natural ability to connect with people, also makes him a great bridge between Mountain Kora participants and our village hosts. Ngawang loves reading books about Bhutanese history, culture and religion and enjoys visiting temples and monasteries. Ngawang speaks many languages including Dzongkha, English, Bumthangkha, Sharchopkha and Nepali.

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