Activity type: hiking | gravel biking | cultural | adventure

Custom hiking and gravel biking journeys through the remote villages of Bhutan, experiencing daily Bhutanese life and culture.



Our custom day hiking and gravel biking itineraries strike the perfect balance between active excursions and cultural experiences. We explore the lesser-known valley and communities such as Haa, Ura and Lhuentse in Eastern Bhutan. Our Bhutanese guides have incredible connections with the local people and create unique, tailored experiences for each private group depending on your activity level and interests. Activities may range from long day hikes or back roads exploration by bike to more leisurely walks between villages while engaging in the local way of life. Accommodations range from homestays and farmstays to locally-run lodges. We offer a range of activities from: soaking in a traditional hot stone bath after a long day hike; participating in weaving and textile workshops; learning about local crafts, cooking; attending a local Buddhist festivals; or giving meditation a try. We experience the practices of traditional hospitality and the exchanging of gifts while forming genuine connections with our hosts along the trail.

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