Gareth Flemix

Gareth Flemix was born in South Africa and raised in the bush and became a wildlife enthusiast at a very young age. As a young man, Gareth learned the hunting trade from his friend’s father who was a professional hunter and upon completing his formal schooling, he became a qualified professional hunter in 1998. From there Gareth became a guide in Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve, part of the Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa, an area renowned for its luxurious accommodation and service, quality guiding and sought after game viewing opportunities. After gaining some in-depth experience in the South Africa safari guiding world, Gareth moved to Botswana in 2002, living and working in the Linyanti region under Kwando Safaris, before starting his own safari company in 2005. These safaris took him from the remote stretches of Xai Xai to the bustling river front of the Chobe River and the deepest parts of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, and Gareth now knows intimately Botswana’s wild places. Gareth has a keen eye for wildlife photography and is passionate about conservation. He is an honorary wildlife officer under the Department of Wildlife and National Parks, a prestigious recognition within the wildlife community of Botswana. With 24 years of safari-based experience in the wilds of Africa, he is known for his high level of guiding, ability to keep his guests entertained and operating in areas most people wouldn’t dream of venturing. Gareth leads nearly all of Walk Botswana safaris, custom-designs each itinerary alongside his wife, Robyn, and maintains all safari equipment and vehicles and is certainly the back-bone of the entire operation.


Walk Botswana Safaris is owned and operated by Gareth and Robyn Flemix, a husband and wife team living and working in Botswana. Together with their incredible team from Botswana, Gareth and Robyn are your first point of contact from designing your adventure to guiding and hosting you on your actual safari.


Robyn Flemix

Robyn Flemix, a conservation ecologist by trade, joined the family business in 2017 working in marketing and operations. Born in South Africa, to a Zimbabwean family, she grew up in the wild spaces of Namibia and Kenya, returning to South Africa for university and then settling in Botswana in 2011. She worked in the Okavango Delta and Chobe regions conducting research and wildlife monitoring until 2017, when she settled in Maun with the arrival of her and Gareth’s first-born daughter, Rayne. 

While operating a safari business was never on the agenda for Robyn until she met Gareth, safaris, exploration and all things adventure do indeed run in her blood. Descendent of the famous explorer, Henry Hartley, Robyn’s family line established themselves in Southern Africa in the early 1800’s. Henry Hartley was in fact the first white man to view the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe in 1849, years before David Livingstone saw, named and announced the falls under the name of his Queen, Victoria in 1855. Henry Hartley and his descendants continued to explore and navigate what was then an unknown continent, recording much of what later geographers and explorers used to circumnavigate Southern Africa.

With a passion and knowledge for the wild spaces and wildlife of Africa, Robyn brings to the business a focus on conservation, continually investigating ways and means to operate the business in a more eco-friendly manner, while working in areas where photographic tourism directly benefits conservation.

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