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Tenzing is an outstanding guide - interesting, fun, solicitous of every need, concerned about his clients health, sets a perfect pace adapted to us, and gives us an inside view of the culture.


The variety of ecosystems was stunning as we hiked up through forests of massive trees dripping with moss - so that we both exclaimed that it felt like Middle Earth of the Hobbit- then on into fields of shimmering barley and pungent herbs, and then through traditional villages built of stone and wood and finally higher still into the alpine zone.  The reds and golds of fall were reminiscent of New England. The intermingling of the exotic and the familiar evoke indescribable feelings of contentment and joy. 


Between the monasteries, villages in the midst of the harvest, and the schools, the trek was enriching culturally as well. 


—  Monica Lehner, Manaslu Trek, 2022

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