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Our Partners

Mountain Kora partners with a number of local foundations and cultural networks to ensure that our adventure treks contribute positively to the regions we visit while giving back to the local communities.

US Sherpa Foundation

Mountain Kora supports the work of the US Sherpa foundation by donating a portion of our proceeds to projects that improve the livelihoods of underprivileged and marginalized Nepalese residents. Most recently, we supported the Two Widows Project, which funded the expedition of two female Sherpa mountaineers -- widows of former Everest mountaineers --in their successful summit of Mount Everest, helping to raise awareness about the plight of Nepalese widows in the process.

USF_Women Textiles.jpg

Ecotourism Project Botswana

A portion of our proceeds from each Mountain Kora safari go towards Ecotourism Project Botswana, (EPB), which works directly with remote communities in the Kalahari to promote community-based tourism while protecting the surrounding wilderness areas.

Bhutan Network

Participating on a Mountain Kora Bhutan adventure gives you the opportunity to engage with various programs created by The Bhutan Network. This organization works to support the exchange of ideas and the sharing of skills and resources across Bhutanese society, in areas ranging from farming and agriculture, to education and vocational training, sustainable and ethical tourism, arts and traditional crafts, sports, and more.

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