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Zimbabwe Trip Extension 

Victoria Falls, one of the “natural wonders” of the world, is situated on the Zambezi River, on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe in Southern Africa. The Falls are considered to be one of the 8 Natural Wonders and are a major attraction for all visitors. Walk Botswana can make arrangements for a post-tour extension to Victoria Falls upon request.

Victoria Falls

In Victoria Falls & Livingstone, the majority of accommodation is booked on a Bed and Breakfast (B&B) basis meaning all extras, including activities are to be settled by the guest directly.  For specifics, please refer to your detailed itinerary.


We recommend that activities in Victoria Falls and Livingstone be pre-booked for groups of 4 or more and for individuals in the busy seasons (peak season July – October and Christmas/Easter holidays). A choice of activities includes, tour of Victoria Falls (both Zimbabwean and Zambian side), game drives, elephant back safari, river cruises, helicopter flights over Victoria Falls, microlight flight over Victoria Falls (Zambian side only), bungee jumping, white water rafting, canoeing, fishing, village visits. Please contact your consultant for a list of activities available.

Hwange Bush Camp

Stretch Safaris

Vic Falls

Zimbabwe Safari Camps

Hwange Bush Camp and Mana Pools

Hwange Bush Camp is amazing and the right kind of rustic. Walking in Hwange is a well known activity and while there are no rivers etc much of the game is concentrated around water holes. The only other activity that they will be able to do here is game drives. 


Mana Pools with Stretch Safaris: Mana Pools is just spectacular and definitely one of my favorite places in Zimbabwe. Stretch Safaris is great because they do walking, canoeing and game drives. There is also an option to fish if that is something that your aunt and uncle would like to do. 


Something to note about both of these locations is that they will be there with other guests – unlike us where we are a private operator they will have other guests in camp. Hwange Bush Camp and Stretch Safaris are similar in camp style in that they are both tented camps but are ‘fixed’. Check them out on the internet though – they are both amazing operators and this is who we would recommend above anyone else. Additionally, these are the top locations for a walking safari in Zimbabwe.

WHEN TO GO: The level of the Zambezi River fluctuates throughout the year, and causes high and low water periods which may be a factor in your decision on when to visit.

'High water' occurs between February and July, and peaks between March and April. During this period, a rise of one metre in the level of the Zambezi River produces a 5-meter increase in the level of the water forced through the gorge. The spray thrown up is dense, drenching and thick with rainbows - a fantastic sight when viewed from the air. 


‘Low Water’ runs between August and January with absolute lowest water levels between November and early December. During this time there is very little spray and visitors are able to fully appreciate the geological formation of the falls and the full length and breadth of them. When the water level in the gorge drops the Zambezi River becomes its most awesome as one of the best white water rafting experiences in the world.


During low water the Victoria Falls are better seen from the Zimbabwean side.  During certain times of year, activities such as white water rafting or Livingstone Island visits may not be possible due to the water levels of the Zambezi.  

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