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Our guides are local to the upper Khumbu region of Nepal and have years of experience leading trekking groups on these trails. With their extensive knowledge and deep connections in the area, they are able to provide unique insights into the local culture and way of life. Not only are our team of guides proficient in English, trained in first aid and CPR, and adept at handling any kind of emergency, they are also in tune with each trekker’s abilities and interests. In this way, our guides are able to maintain flexibility while delivering unique experiences for each and every group. Traveling with our Sherpa team members, you will feel like you are traveling with a friend—one that may even bring you into his family members’ homes for tea while opening your eyes to the Sherpa customs and way of life in these rugged mountains.


Tenzing Sherpa manages all of our on-the-ground operations in Nepal and is our lead guide. His family is from Thame, a small village in the Everest region, where we stay for a night on our trekking route. Along with his wife, Dadoma, he also runs our Sherpa homestay in Kathmandu. Prior to founding Nima and Neema Treks, Tenzing worked for the World Wildlife Fund and the Sherpa Society Trekking Agency. He brings more than 20 years of trekking experience as well as an excellent knowledge of Nepalese wildlife and an extensive understanding of Sherpa culture and Buddhism. Tenzing is proficient in English and goes above and beyond to ensure that our groups are well cared for while catering to their unique interests along the trail. When he is not trekking, Tenzing enjoys traveling and spending time with his family.

Dadoma and our yonger son Tshering durin


Dadoma Sherpa will be our hostess in Kathmandu and oversees the operation of our treks. With her outgoing personality, proficiency in English, and more than a decade of experience working in the trekking industry, Dadoma always provides us with a warm welcome to her country. When she’s not hosting trekking groups, Dadoma manages artisan groups that make Nepalese handicrafts for import to the U.S. Prior to this, she also worked with the French Embassy in Nepal for 10 years. Dadoma’s family is from Khumjung, one of the largest villages in the Everest Region. While on the trail, we will have the special opportunity to stay with some of Dadoma’s extended family.


Kumar Katuwal is a Sherpa guide with 15 years of trekking experience throughout the Nepal Himalaya. Kumar works as a full-time guide and sometime-porter, and is skilled in trek cooking. He lives with his wife and two children.



We typically have one porter for every two trekkers on the trail. They are local to the region and Mountain Kora adheres to all standards for safe treatment and quality conditions for our porters. They are provided with adequate accommodations, food, clothing, and footwear. In addition to insurance coverage, we strictly adhere to the weight limits our porters may carry, as mandated by the Ministry of Tourism (30kg). You may visit Porters’ Progress to learn more about the safe treatment and care of porters in Nepal.

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