Meet our Swiss Guides

Jürg Schranz leads our hiking trips through the Bernese Oberland and is the key to consistently providing our hiking groups with outstanding experiences. Jürg hails from Adelbodon, a picturesque ski town tucked in a beautiful valley of the Bernese Alps, and has been hiking these trails since his youth. His insider-knowledge and local connections make him a true asset to our groups. He has a very easy-going and genuine nature that leaves every Mountain Kora hiker feeling they have made a life-long friend in this part of the world. As a certified Swiss Hiking guide, he brings years of in-depth experience and training that keeps us safe and at ease while we hike through these majestic alpine valleys and up and over high mountain passes. When not leading hikes, he runs an outdoor, nature-based event company based in Adelboden and is an all-around exceptional athlete, enjoying hiking, mountain biking, and skiing in his backyard. He currently lives with his partner and young daughter in Adelboden.

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